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Costa Rican ATV tour


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Adventure Tours

Fancy a little more speed? Why not try one of our guided ATV tours or perhaps check out the zip line canopy tour? All our tours include transportation. 
ATV  & Zipline Tours


This ATV adventure takes you along the coast passing majestic places all the way to Montezuma where you will enjoy a canopy tour to the Montezuma waterfalls. Go for a swim for about a 1/2 hour and then continue with the tour back to where we started. 


What's included:

  • Fruit, soft drinks and water

Tour length: 5 hours (approximately)

Minimum participants: no minimum


$175 (1 person, one machine)

$275 (2 people, one machine)

Zipline Canopy & Montezuma


This is a great adventure, where we'll take you from the hotel all the way to the top of the Montezuma mountains and then zip through the treetops enjoying the scenic views to the jungle and ocean. We'll also stop for a refreshing swim in the Montezuma waterfalls at the halfway point of this super zipline experience. Once we're done, we will make our way down to town for a little bit of shopping, perhaps a cocktail or just to explore. 


What's included:

  • Transportation to and from hotel

  • English speaking guide

  • Fruit, soft drinks, and water

Tour length: 4 hours 

Minimum participants: 2 people


$85 pp

Gryocopter Tours_edited.jpg


Come take a magical flight on a Gyrocopter. The pilots have over 10 years of certified flights in this type of aircraft. In 20 short minutes, you will see more of the natural vistas of the Nicoya Peninsula than you can in any other way. See the magnificent ocean and forested mountains and streams from a viewpoint like no other. You will fly over Montezuma and Montezuma Falls. While over the ocean, there is the possibility of whale sightings.


We also have longer trips, for even more enjoyment. The include:

$175 pp - 30-minute flight

$220 pp - 45-minute flight

$265 pp - 1-hour flight


$130 pp (20-minute)

Pura Vida Expeditions-ATV Adventure


This is an adventure designed to let you see the beauty of this part of the world. Our routes are very different from those usually offered and wind through a landscape that is not accessible by car or 4x4. Your guide will bring you to the parts of the country that most tourists never experience, taking you through beaches, jungles, rivers, and a visit to the waterfall of the Panica River where you can have a refreshing swim.   


What's included:

  • ATV instruction and guide

  • Fruit, soft drinks, and water

Tour length: 2 or 4 hours 

Minimum participants: 2 people

Minimum machine: 2 ATVs for 2 hour tour*


$200 (per machine, 4 hours)

$150 (per machine, 2 hours*)

Horseback Riding


This tour is to the destination of your choice.  Horses arrive at Villas Del Mar and from there we can head to waterfalls, beaches, mountains, or see a little bit of everything. 

Suitable for all levels of riders including those who have never ridden. 


What's included:

  • Fruit, soft drinks, and water

Tour length: 2 to 3 hours 

Minimum participants: 2 people


$65 pp

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